About us
Our company owner and founder Mr. Mehmet Kuyumcu started his business life by performing various construction works in 1973. In 1979 he developed his business by establishing the company BM Mühendislik Ltd. (BM Holding) together with Mr. Bülent Kuyumcu. In the years following, the company growing up as BM Holding put its signature under lots of large building projects and superstructure projects realized in Turkey. Our founder who transferred his shares and left BM Holding proceeded his way as M-Grup which incorporates KUM Inşaat and Mum Yapı. In 2006 he founded the company MCK Elektrik Üretim A.Ş.


He completed the Devecikonağı Dam and the HES Project toghether with the Arpa HES Project which were in the company’s structure jointly with BM Mühendislik and transferred these projects to it. By making new investments in the marble and mining area with the company Moyak Marble and Mining which he founded within the structure of M-Grup after completing the above mentioned projects, he aims at taking his place under the leading companies in the sector, both at home and abroad and at leaving his marks.

Head Office:  Bilkent Plaza A3 Blok No:29 Bilkent / Ankara /TURKEY                Factory :  Kaklık Mah. Mermerciler Bölgesi No:3 Honaz / Denizli /TURKEY